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hot dip galvanizing crossarm

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Custom processing: Yes

Specifications 50*5, 63*6, 75*8, 80*8 can be customized

Type Ironwork

Surface treatment galvanized

Scope of application

Product introduction: The hot-dip galvanized cross arm is an important power fastener used in the poles and towers in the overhead lines. It is the angle iron fixed laterally on the top of the poles; the cross arms are used to support the lines, lightning protection lines and installations in the overhead lines. Insulators and supporting power fittings, and keep them at a safe distance in accordance with regulations.

The hot-dip galvanized angle steel cross arm has also become a single pole cross arm. The main raw material is equilateral angle steel, and its specifications are named according to the size of the angle steel and the length of the cross arm.

Use of cross arm: Hot-dip galvanized cross arm is usually installed at about 300mm from the top of the pole. The straight cross arm should be installed on the receiving side, and the cross arm of the corner pole, terminal pole and branch pole should be installed on the side of the cable. According to different types of hot-dip galvanized cross arm force characteristics: single cross arm is suitable for straight poles or corner poles below 15°; corner poles, tensile poles, terminal poles, and branch poles with angles above 15 degrees all adopt double cross arms . (In some areas, double crossarms are used for poles)

Single pole cross arm

Such as: ∠63×6×1800. It is used for the installation of single poles on transmission lines of 10kV and below. According to the installation, it is divided into single cross arm and double cross arm. Note: When ordering, the specification and model of the single-pole crossarm and whether to add support rod holes or provide drawings must be specified.

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