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Stainless steel square gasket

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Product Name: stainless steel square gasket


Product specifications: M5 * 30 * 30 * 2, M6 * 12 * 12 * 1, M6 * 30 * 30 * 2, M8 * 20 * 20 * 2, M8 * 25 * 25 * 2, etc


Surface treatment: untreated


Material grade: stainless steel 304


Product features: during the manufacturing process of stainless steel equipment, there will be performance damage, defects and some substances affecting the surface, such as dust, floating iron powder or embedded iron, heat recovery color and other oxide layers, rust spots, grinding burrs, welding arc striking marks, welding spatter, flux, welding defects, oil and grease, residual adhesive and paint, chalk and marking pen marks, etc. Most of them do not pay attention to or do well because they ignore their harmful effects. However, they are potentially harmful to the oxidation protective film. Once the protective film is damaged, thinned or changed by other methods, the underlying stainless steel will begin to corrode. Corrosion is generally not throughout the entire surface, but at or around the defect. This local total corrosion is usually pitting corrosion or crevice corrosion, which will develop to depth and breadth, and most surfaces are not eroded


Application: stainless steel gasket is usually used for


Electronic instruments, mold manufacturing,


Precision machinery, hardware parts,


Mechanical parts, stamping parts,


Hardware manufacturing,


Motor adjustment. Mold repair,


Die measurement gap and


Shaking due to mechanical aging,


In case of rocking and instability,


It can be used to solve machine maintenance problems. .5

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