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  • 8.8 high-strength stud bolts

    8.8 high-strength stud bolts

    Product Name: grade 8.8 stud bolt


    Product grade: grade 8.8


    Surface treatment: stud bolts generally need surface treatment. There are many kinds of bolt surface treatment, such as electroplating, blackening, oxidation, phosphating, non electrolytic zinc sheet coating, etc. However, electroplated fasteners account for a large proportion in the actual use of fasteners. In particular, it is widely used in industries and fields such as automobiles, tractors, household appliances, instruments and meters, aerospace, communications and so on. However, for threaded fasteners, it is required not only to have certain anti-corrosion ability, but also to ensure the interchangeability of threads, which can also be called screwing in here. In order to meet the dual use performance of “anti-corrosion” and “interchangeability” required by threaded fasteners in use, it is very necessary to formulate special electroplating coating standards.


    Product specification: M8, M16, M12, M20, M10


    Product application: it is used in large-scale equipment and needs to install accessories, such as mirror, mechanical seal seat, reducer frame, etc. At this time, a stud bolt is used. One end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is equipped with a nut after installing the accessories. Because the accessories are often disassembled, the threads will be worn or damaged, so it is very convenient to replace the stud bolt.

  • Hot-dip galvanized Tie rod

    Hot-dip galvanized Tie rod

    Product name Hot-dip galvanized wire rod

    Scope of application

    Material: Q235 carbon steel

    Main models: Φ18*2000, Φ20*2000, Φ20*2500, can be customized

    Material technology: hot-dip galvanizing

    Dimensions can be customized

    Product description: The cable rod refers to the rod or other metal parts that connect the cable to the ground anchor.

    Solution to the serious corrosion of the wire rod: In view of the serious corrosion of the grounding down conductor and the wire rod, the following three solutions are proposed:

    Method 1: Increase the diameter of the ground down conductor and pull rod to make its service life longer.

    Method 2: Increase the galvanized layer to make it more resistant to corrosion.

    Method 3: Install a device on the ground down conductor and pull rod to improve its corrosion resistance.

    Economic benefits: Calculated on the basis of a line with 50 base iron towers and a 20-year service life. Ordinary grounding down conductor: severe corrosion and fractures have occurred in 5-7 years. The probability of corrosion and fracture that needs to be replaced is considered by 20%. Within 20 years, at least 10 towers of this line need to replace the grounding down conductors, according to the line work area. The information provided takes into account the cost of repairing materials and labor costs. Considering the speed of repairing 2 towers as fast as 5 people per car per day, all costs need about 7000 yuan, which does not include the compensation for young crops caused by the excavation of the ground and Lost work expenses caused by policy processing.

    Grounding down conductor with protective sleeve: The retail price of PP-R pipe is 10 yuan 4m in the market, and each ground down conductor protective sleeve needs 0.8m, 4 pieces per base iron tower, which is equivalent to the cost of PP-R pipe per base iron tower 8 yuan, plus the sealing material at both ends, totaling 9 yuan, because the protective cover can be installed at the time of the ground wire infrastructure construction, so there is no need to repair and replace the ground down conductor after the line is put into operation, and no additional labor costs will be incurred And young crops compensation costs, so a total of 450 yuan for a line.

  • Heavy seismic shelf

    Heavy seismic shelf

    Product Name: heavy seismic shelf


    Product introduction: heavy shelf type is the most common shelf, which has good practice efficiency. The storage density of the fixed rack is low and the stored items are heavy. It must be used with pallet and forklift, so it is also called pallet rack. When selecting heavy shelves, the size, weight and number of layers of pallets and goods must be considered to determine the appropriate size of columns and beams. In addition, in order to improve the space utilization rate, the channel width can be reduced, combined with the special stacker track form to make the storage space vertical, that is, a narrow lane material rack.


    Product size: 2500 * 1200 * 2500


    Product type; Beam type


    Product features: the column has many folding surfaces, which is solid and stable; The two-way hanging teeth of the hanging piece make the stress condition of the cross beam better.


    Product application: heavy shelf has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly; It is suitable for manual access, more than 800kg. It is suitable for manual access of box goods, or loading scattered heavy goods together with part boxes and turnover boxes


  • stainless steel wedge ancho

    stainless steel wedge ancho

    Model 304 M12, 304 M10, 316 M6, 304 M8, 316 M8, 316 M10, 304 M6, 304 M16, 316 M12 Length 110, 150, 200, 250, 100, 60, 180, 70, 80, 130, 90, 140, 120 Custom processing: Yes Material: Stainless steel Product description: The stainless steel car repair gecko is the same as the car repair gecko. The car repair gecko does not have high requirements for the depth and cleanliness of the concrete cavity. It is easy to install and inexpensive. Choose the appropriate embedding depth according to the th...
  • Copper nut

    Copper nut

    Product Name: copper nut   Product specifications: m1.6, M2.5, m3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M12, M14, M16, etc   Surface treatment: copper plating   Product grade: grade 4.8   Product application: copper nut, also known as embedded nut and inlaid copper nut or plastic embedded nut, can be divided into hot-melt copper nut, hot pressed copper nut, embedded copper nut and ultrasonic copper nut according to different application methods   The product is widely used in the embedded...
  • SS 304 double ended bolt

    SS 304 double ended bolt

    Product name: SS 304 double ended bolt   Product model: M6 * 40, M6 * 50, M6 * 60, M6 * 70, M6 * 90, M6 * 100, etc.   Product grade: stainless steel   SS 304 double ended bolt is made of SUS304 stainless steel and SUS316 stainless steel produced by authentic domestic factories. Stainless steel studs can be made into stainless steel studs, stainless steel studs, stainless steel studs, etc., stainless steel studs are used for connection The fixed link function of the machine. The...
  • 304 stainless steel bolts

    304 stainless steel bolts

    Product Name: Outer Hexagon Bolt   Hexagon bolts are a kind of metal fittings, also called hex screws, hex screws or hex bolts. The Chinese standard for hexagonal screws is based on Chinese standard parts, referred to as the national standard for short. Then this hex screw standard refers to the national standard for hex screws.   Product model: 8 * 16, 8 * 25, 8 * 30, 10 * 25, 10 * 30, 12 * 50, 12 * 80, 12 * 90, 12 * 100, 12 * 110   Material grade: stainless steel 4.8 grade, 8...
  • PT hanging plate

    PT hanging plate

    Product description: 1. The PT adjustment board belongs to the connection fittings in the power fittings, and is an adjustable parallel hanging plate

       Parallel hanging boards are used to connect single board to single board and single board to double board. It can only change the assembly length, not the connection direction. Parallel hanging boards are mostly made of medium-thick steel plates by stamping and cutting processes. The finalized parallel hanging boards are divided into single-board parallel hanging boards, double-board parallel hanging boards, and single-board conversion double-board parallel hanging boards.

       Single-plate parallel hanging plates are mostly used to assemble with wedge-shaped clamps. The wedge-shaped clamps are fixed on the flange of the pole tower or assembled with the double-plate parallel hanging plates to increase the connection length.

       Double-plate parallel hanging plate is used to assemble with trough insulators, to extend the length of the tensile insulator string at the corners and to connect with the fittings. 210KV and 300KV-level double-plate parallel hanging boards of various lengths are used for tensile and corner insulator strings of 500KV lines to increase the string length.

       PT hanging board double corner insulator string and tensile insulator string use. When in use, calculate the distance between the two suspension points of the fixed insulator string according to the number of rotation angles of the corner tower, and add an adjustable length parallel hanging plate to adjust the length of one string.

       2. The connection fittings are used to form a string of suspension insulators, which are suspended on the pole tower. The suspension clamps for straight poles and towers and the connection between the clamps for non-linear poles and the insulator string are also assembled by connecting fittings. Connecting fittings must also be used for other cable fittings such as the anchoring of the cable pole tower and the pole tower.


  • High strength hexagon nuts

    High strength hexagon nuts

    Product Name: high strength hexagon nut   Product model: m8-m32   Strength grade: grade 8.8, grade 4.8   Surface treatment: oxidation blackening   Product application: it is applicable to the connection and fastening of various engineering equipment such as machinery, construction, electric power, chemical industry, factory, aviation, track, ship, oil field and so on.   Product introduction: the shape and connection structure of high-strength nut are basically the sam...
  • Square gasket

    Square gasket

    Model number 40*40*3, 50*50*4, 100*100*8 Washer outer diameter 40 50 100 Custom processing: Yes Material Carbon steel Product description: Square gaskets are refined from high-precision, high-hardness sheet materials, usually used in the adjustment and measurement of precision molds or precision hardware, or as spacers, called square gaskets, sometimes also called molds Spacers or precision gap pieces. Uses: The use of square gaskets: used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precis...
  • hot dip galvanizing crossarm

    hot dip galvanizing crossarm

    Product Description: Custom processing: Yes Specifications 50*5, 63*6, 75*8, 80*8 can be customized Type Ironwork Surface treatment galvanized Scope of application Product introduction: The hot-dip galvanized cross arm is an important power fastener used in the poles and towers in the overhead lines. It is the angle iron fixed laterally on the top of the poles; the cross arms are used to support the lines, lightning protection lines and installations in the overhead lines. Insulators and supp...
  • Parallel hanging plate

    Parallel hanging plate

    Flat joint fittings that do not change direction of connection.   Product Introduction:   Parallel hanging plate is used for the connection between veneer and veneer, veneer and double plate, can only change the length of the assembly, but can not change the direction of the connection, parallel hanging plate is made of steel plate by stamping and cutting process.   Application: Power overhead line   Material: hot-dip galvanized steel   Specifications and technical pa...
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