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Disc buckle scaffolding

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Name: Clasp type scaffold


Surface technology: galvanized


Material: Q235


Purpose: Construction


Model: customizable


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Advantages :

1: Large bearing capacity. When the geometry and structure of the scaffold meet the relevant requirements of the code, under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of the scaffold can be up to 15kN~35kN (1.5TF ~ 3.5TF, design value).


2: convenient disassembly, flexible installation. Because the length of steel pipe is easy to adjust, fasteners are easy to connect, can be applied to all kinds of plane and elevation of buildings and structures scaffolding.


3: more economic, simple processing, low investment cost; Material consumption can also be more economical if the scaffold geometry is carefully designed and attention is paid to improving the utilization rate of steel pipe turnover. The steel frame fasteners are equivalent to about 15 kilograms of steel per square meter of the building.


Installation requirements: Steel pipe fastener scaffolding in the installation process, we should pay attention to the foundation level firm, base and pad installation, and have reliable drainage measures to prevent the foundation from being soaked by water.


The longitudinal horizontal rod shall be set inside the vertical rod and its length shall not be less than 3 spans. Butt fasteners or lap joints are available for longitudinal bars. If the butt fastener method is used, the butt fastener should be staggered arrangement; If a lap connection is used, the lap length should not be less than 1m, and 3 rotating fasteners should be installed equidistant.


Working layer scaffold board should be fully spread, stable pavement, 120~150mm away from the wall; Long and narrow scaffold boards, such as stamped steel scaffold boards, wood scaffold boards, bamboo string scaffold boards, etc., shall be arranged on three horizontal rods. When the scaffold board length is less than 2m, it can be supported by two horizontal horizontal rods, but the two ends of the scaffold board should be reliably fixed on it to prevent it from tipping over.


Each pole should have a base or backing plate at the bottom. Scaffolding must be equipped with vertical and horizontal sweeping poles. The vertical cleaning rod shall be fixed with a right-angle fastener not more than 200mm away from the base skin.

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