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Two-line angle steel cross arm

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Product Description:

Custom processing: Yes

Specifications 50*5, 63*6, 75*8, 80*8 can be customized

Category: two-line cross arm, four-line cross arm, eight-line cross arm

Type Ironwork

Surface treatment galvanized

Scope of application

Product introduction: The cross arm is an important part of the tower. Its function is to install insulators and fittings to support the wires and lightning protection wires and keep them at a certain safe distance according to regulations.

Crossarm classification:

According to the purpose, it can be divided into: straight cross arm; corner cross arm; tensile cross arm.

According to the material, it can be divided into: iron cross arm; porcelain cross arm; synthetic insulation cross arm.

How to use: straight cross arm: only consider the vertical load and horizontal load of the wire under the condition of normal unbroken wire;

Tensile cross arm: In addition to bearing the vertical and horizontal load of the conductor, it will also bear the difference of the tensile force of the conductor;

Corner cross arm: In addition to bearing the vertical and horizontal load of the wire, it will also bear the larger unilateral wire pulling force.

According to the force of the cross arm, a single cross arm is used for straight rods or corner rods below 15 degrees, and the corner rods, tensile rods, terminal rods, and branch rods with a turning angle of more than 15 degrees all use double cross arms. (In some areas, double crossarms are used for poles)

The cross arm is generally installed at a distance of 300 mm from the top of the pole. The straight cross arm should be installed on the power receiving side, and the cross arm of the corner pole, terminal pole, and branch pole should be installed on the side of the cable.

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