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PT hanging plate

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Product description: 1. The PT adjustment board belongs to the connection fittings in the power fittings, and is an adjustable parallel hanging plate

   Parallel hanging boards are used to connect single board to single board and single board to double board. It can only change the assembly length, not the connection direction. Parallel hanging boards are mostly made of medium-thick steel plates by stamping and cutting processes. The finalized parallel hanging boards are divided into single-board parallel hanging boards, double-board parallel hanging boards, and single-board conversion double-board parallel hanging boards.

   Single-plate parallel hanging plates are mostly used to assemble with wedge-shaped clamps. The wedge-shaped clamps are fixed on the flange of the pole tower or assembled with the double-plate parallel hanging plates to increase the connection length.

   Double-plate parallel hanging plate is used to assemble with trough insulators, to extend the length of the tensile insulator string at the corners and to connect with the fittings. 210KV and 300KV-level double-plate parallel hanging boards of various lengths are used for tensile and corner insulator strings of 500KV lines to increase the string length.

   PT hanging board double corner insulator string and tensile insulator string use. When in use, calculate the distance between the two suspension points of the fixed insulator string according to the number of rotation angles of the corner tower, and add an adjustable length parallel hanging plate to adjust the length of one string.

   2. The connection fittings are used to form a string of suspension insulators, which are suspended on the pole tower. The suspension clamps for straight poles and towers and the connection between the clamps for non-linear poles and the insulator string are also assembled by connecting fittings. Connecting fittings must also be used for other cable fittings such as the anchoring of the cable pole tower and the pole tower.


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