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Parallel groove clamp

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Custom processing: Yes

Product use Cable fixed wire

Material Aluminum alloy

Process low pressure casting

Product description: The parallel groove clamp is used for the connection of small and medium cross-section aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire and the steel stranded wire of overhead lightning protection wire at a position that does not bear tension. It is also used for the jumper connection of non-linear poles. Power engineering materials (fittings) are used for interconnection of connecting wires, which are mainly used in power line engineering.

Introduction: Reliable power supply is an important indicator of the power supply capacity of a power supply company. It reflects the degree of satisfaction of users’ power needs and is also an important part of the assessment of power quality. The reliability of line equipment is an important factor affecting the reliability of power supply. Among them, the performance of the huge number of parallel-ditch clamps running in urban and rural power grids will directly affect reliable power supply. As the reliability of the parallel channel clamp is not high, the power supply company needs to increase the number of inspections, shorten the maintenance period, and increase the operating cost. If the parallel ditch clamp causes a malfunction or accident, it can cause a large-scale blackout and threaten the personal safety of urban and rural residents.

Parallel groove clamps are all non-force-bearing types, mainly including bolt-type parallel groove clamps, H-type (or C-type) parallel groove clamps, and wedge-type parallel groove clamps. Among them, bolt-type parallel groove clamps and Divided into two types: equal diameter and groove clamp and different diameter and groove clamp

The reliability of the parallel groove clamp: We know from the characteristics of the metal material that under stress, the wire will inevitably produce a certain creep. The internal pressure of the parallel groove clamp is more serious, making the wire slightly If it becomes thinner and smaller in diameter, if there is no proper compensation function, the grip force of the groove clamp on the wire will decrease, resulting in stress relaxation. When the material is determined, the wire creep is related to time, pressure, tension and ambient temperature. The greater the pressure or tension on the wire, the higher the ambient temperature, the more serious the wire creep, and the change curve is exponential, and with time The growth is increasing.

To maintain the stability of the grip of the parallel groove clamp on the wire, during construction and installation, it is necessary to have enough external force to produce a suitable pressure on the wire to prevent the parallel groove clamp and the wire from loosening or relative slippage; After the external force disappears, the parallel groove clamp should be able to provide a relatively constant pressure on the wire to compensate for the creep of the wire caused by changes in current, temperature, wind speed, corrosion, etc.

When the bolt-type parallel groove clamp is installed, the torque applied to the bolt or nut is often different from person to person. Generally, no special measuring instrument is used to review the torque, resulting in different bolts of the same clamp or clamps installed by different personnel. The resulting pressure on the wire is inconsistent. If the pressure is too high, the wire will creep too much; if the pressure is too small, the clamp and the wire will lack sufficient pressure and grip in the early stage of operation. The quality of the spring washer also seriously affects the mechanical stability of the clamp. If a poor spring washer is selected, the plastic deformation of the spring washer will be greater after the external force is applied, which will cause the clamp after installation to fail to obtain proper pressure compensation when the wire creeps.

The H-type parallel groove clamp is installed with special hydraulic tools, and the pressure on the wire is relatively uniform and constant. The connection with the wire is a one-time hydraulic shaping, so that the inner wall material of the wire clip is embedded in the outer gap of the wire. Because the wire clip and the outer strand of the wire are of the same aluminum-based material, it can reduce stress relaxation and compensate for wire creep.

The best mechanical stability should belong to the wedge-shaped parallel groove clamp. Due to the arch structure and wedges, when the wire creeps due to various reasons, the arch structure and the wedges can compensate for the creep, and the initial pressure during installation is provided by a special bullet, which can be achieved by reasonable control of the amount of charge The goal of controlling stress



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