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Galvanized double head bolts

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Product name: Galvanized double head bolts


Product model: 16 * 35, 16 * 250, 16 * 280, 18 * 330, 20 * 350.


Material grade: carbon steel


Product application: Galvanized double head bolts can be used for large mainframes, requiring mirror surface, mechanical seal seat stud bolts, reducer frame and other equipment accessories. At this time, stud bolts are used. Screw one end into the main body. After the accessories are installed, install the nut on the other end. As the accessories need to be disassembled frequently, the threads will be worn or damaged, and it is more convenient to replace them with stud bolts.


Galvanized double head bolts can also be called double-head screws and double-head studs. Double-head bolts are used to connect machinery and have the function of fixing and connecting the machinery. Both ends of the stud bolts have threads, and the middle screw is thick. Thin, stud bolts are generally used in mining machinery industry, bridge construction, automobile industry, suspension tower construction, boiler steel structure, large-span steel structure, large-scale buildings, etc.




The threads of Galvanized double head bolts are spiral grooves with equidistant and constant cross-sectional profiles machined on the surface of cylindrical or conical, cylindrical or conical bores, and threaded rods or tapered rods are machined on the surface. Stud bolts are available Slots for screwdrivers or square heads for wrench clamping. Generally, stud bolts need to be matched with nuts that are round rings with threads on the inner surface that match the bolts or screws, or square cylinders or cylinders with a round hole inside and a square wrench to clamp, such as hexagonal nuts and round nuts.

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