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Hot-dip galvanized Tie rod

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Product name Hot-dip galvanized wire rod

Scope of application

Material: Q235 carbon steel

Main models: Φ18*2000, Φ20*2000, Φ20*2500, can be customized

Material technology: hot-dip galvanizing

Dimensions can be customized

Product description: The cable rod refers to the rod or other metal parts that connect the cable to the ground anchor.

Solution to the serious corrosion of the wire rod: In view of the serious corrosion of the grounding down conductor and the wire rod, the following three solutions are proposed:

Method 1: Increase the diameter of the ground down conductor and pull rod to make its service life longer.

Method 2: Increase the galvanized layer to make it more resistant to corrosion.

Method 3: Install a device on the ground down conductor and pull rod to improve its corrosion resistance.

Economic benefits: Calculated on the basis of a line with 50 base iron towers and a 20-year service life. Ordinary grounding down conductor: severe corrosion and fractures have occurred in 5-7 years. The probability of corrosion and fracture that needs to be replaced is considered by 20%. Within 20 years, at least 10 towers of this line need to replace the grounding down conductors, according to the line work area. The information provided takes into account the cost of repairing materials and labor costs. Considering the speed of repairing 2 towers as fast as 5 people per car per day, all costs need about 7000 yuan, which does not include the compensation for young crops caused by the excavation of the ground and Lost work expenses caused by policy processing.

Grounding down conductor with protective sleeve: The retail price of PP-R pipe is 10 yuan 4m in the market, and each ground down conductor protective sleeve needs 0.8m, 4 pieces per base iron tower, which is equivalent to the cost of PP-R pipe per base iron tower 8 yuan, plus the sealing material at both ends, totaling 9 yuan, because the protective cover can be installed at the time of the ground wire infrastructure construction, so there is no need to repair and replace the ground down conductor after the line is put into operation, and no additional labor costs will be incurred And young crops compensation costs, so a total of 450 yuan for a line.

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