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Independent steel support

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Name: Independent steel support

Material: Q235

Purpose: construction site

Specification: many kinds, can be customized

product description:

Steel support refers to the use of steel pipes, H-beams, angle steels, etc. to enhance the stability of the engineering structure. Generally, they are inclined connecting members, and the most common are herringbone and cross shapes. Steel supports are widely used in subways and foundation pits. Because the steel support can be recycled and reused, it is economical and environmentally friendly.

Scope of application: Simply put, the 16mm wall-thick support steel pipes, steel arches, and steel gratings used in the construction of subways are all used for support. They block the soil wall of the culvert tunnel and prevent the collapse of the foundation pit. Widely used in subway construction. The steel support components used in subway construction include fixed ends and flexible joint ends.

Specifications: The main specifications of steel support are Φ400, Φ580, Φ600, Φ609, Φ630, Φ800, etc.

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