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High strength hexagon nuts

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Product Name: high strength hexagon nut


Product model: m8-m32


Strength grade: grade 8.8, grade 4.8


Surface treatment: oxidation blackening


Product application: it is applicable to the connection and fastening of various engineering equipment such as machinery, construction, electric power, chemical industry, factory, aviation, track, ship, oil field and so on.


Product introduction: the shape and connection structure of high-strength nut are basically the same as that of ordinary bolt. The main difference between them is that ordinary bolt connection relies on bearing pressure and shear resistance of rod body to transmit shear force. When tightening nut, the pretension generated by bolt is very small, and its influence will not be considered; The working principle of high-strength nut connection is to deliberately exert a large pre tension on the bolt to generate extrusion force between the contact surfaces of the connected parts, so there is a great friction perpendicular to the screw direction, and the connection shear force is transmitted by this friction force. The pretension of high-strength nut is realized by tightening the nut. Ordinary high-strength nut generally adopts torque method and angle method. The torsional shear high-strength nut uses to break the bolt tail to control the pretension.


The bolts connected by high-strength nuts shall be made of 10.9s or 8.8s high-quality alloy structural steel through heat treatment, and the high-strength bolt holes shall be drilled. The hole diameter of high-strength bolt with friction connection is 1.5 ~ 2.0mm larger than the nominal diameter D of the bolt; The hole diameter of high-strength bolt for pressure bearing connection is 1.0 ~ 1.5mm larger than the nominal diameter D of the bolt

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