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Shelf seismic support

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Product name Easy installation Industrial metal shelf anti seismic bracket
Material Q235,Q345, Galvanized sheet or customize
Surface Treatment HDG(hot dipped galvanized ),Pre-galvanized,powder coating (Black,Green,White,Grey,Blue)etc.
Lengths Either 10FT or 20FT or cut into the length according to Customer's Requirements
Thickness 1.0mm--3mm
Holes 11*30mm or according to Customer's Requirements
Style Customer's Requirements
Packaging Bundled wooden box or be required

Product description: Shelf seismic support is a kind of seismic support invented based on shelf installation and shelf stability. It is mainly used for multi-layer shelf installation and fixed shelf use. Its essence is the same as the seismic support.

Function: Building water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heating, electricity, communications and other electromechanical engineering facilities after seismic reinforcement can reduce earthquake damage when encountering an earthquake with seismic fortification intensity in the region. Reduce and prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses.

Seismic support from its name we can know that it is the main function of the earthquake, the seismic stents stability is very good, it can restrict the facilities produce displacement, vibration control facilities, also can be in different parts installation can make improve seismic support resistance increases or decreases, and effectively prevent the out of control in the long-term use mobile support ability。 

How to solve the impact of seismic support vibration

First, add finished anti-seismic support to save the power of installation  

In the use of different mobile azimuth design strength, can improve the resistance of the floor installation mobility is more serious, for the mobile external accessories to bear strength can reduce the exhaust rotation using tilt situation, increase the rotation control attribute in the exhaust pipe solid foundation.  

Two, the strength of the empty support frame rotation  

In the use of a variety of steel structure accessories, increased the operation of different circulation wind control level of high strength effect, improved in different air jet rotation process finished product strength firm support frame, improved different steel strength to reduce the phenomenon of wear and tear process.  

Three, reduce pressure friction  

In the use of vibration strength can avoid the phenomenon of high expansion of the water level of the strength, adjust the use of high strength in different steel support frame and reduce the phenomenon of swing or vibration power difficult to run.  

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