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Puncture clamp jjc-1

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Place of Origin China
Model Number JBC-1
Material ABS + aluminum + steel
Standard or Nonstandard Standard
Order number HJ8030
Whether alloy NO
Surface treatment natural color
Scope of application Power lines,power equipment,power fittings,industrial power facilities

Product Description


Insulation piercing clamp is a kind of insulation layer used to pierce cables. The electrical connection, insulation and sealing of the clamp can be realized. Our products are suitable for T-connection and distribution lines, street lighting systems, cable branching and other occasions. Product features: 1. Puncture structure, simple installation, no need to strip the insulated wire. 2. Torque nut, constant puncture pressure to ensure good electrical connection without damaging the wires. 3. Self-sealing structure, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, prolong the service life of insulated wires and clamps. 4. Special insulating shell, anti-ultraviolet and environmental aging.

Protective fittings.  This kind of metal is used to protect conductors and insulators, such as pressure equalizing ring for insulator protection, heavy hammer to prevent insulator string from being pulled out, vibration hammer and wire protector to prevent conductor from vibrating, etc  

Contact with gold fittings.  This kind of hardware is used for connecting hard bus, soft bus and outlet terminal of electrical equipment, T connection of wire and parallel wire connection without bearing force, etc. These connections are electrical contacts.  Therefore, high conductivity and contact stability are required.  

Fixed fittings, also known as power plant fittings or high current busbar fittings.  This kind of fixture is used for fixing and connecting all kinds of hard bus or soft bus and prop insulator in power distribution device. Most of the fixture fixture is not used as a conductor, but only plays a role of fixing, supporting and suspending.  However, as these fittings are designed for high currents, all elements should be free of hysteresis losses.  

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