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C channel bracket

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Product Name:C channel bracket

Materials:Carbon steel, stainless steel

Surface finish


C channel

Popular thickness.




41x 21Universe 41x 41ax 41m 52max 41m 42max 41m 61max 41m 41max 41m 41m 41m.


Water supply, fire extinguishing system support, rectangular pipe support, air conditioning, smoke prevention and exhaust, cable tray support

In the construction of mechanical and electrical engineering, seismic supports and hangers have begun to mandatory use, but many engineering friends are still relatively strange to this, because the building has been basically ignored in the design of mechanical and electrical seismic, seismic supports and hangers have never been used.  But now the situation is different, the building electrical and electrical industry in the field of seismic..  Standard, which clearly stipulates the installation and design of seismic support.  The following xiaobian will introduce the performance requirements of the seismic support.  

At the time of installation using solar panels, usually need to use seismic bracket, the solar panel is mainly used to absorb the sun's rays, but in order to absorb more convenient use of solar energy, must the solar panel is fixed in a certain area, and the main functions of the bracket is fixed installation of solar panels, although the structure of the bracket is very simple,  However, the application of seismic support is very important and directly determines the absorption effect of solar energy.  

After using seismic supports for a period of time, some supports may have some quality problems. At this time, users must be replaced in time to avoid affecting the stability of the solar panel because of the quality problems of the support. When selecting the support, users also need to follow certain methods.  First of all, we should pay attention to the tensile strength of the support. The tensile strength of the support is directly related to the yield point. If the yield point of the support is relatively high, the dead weight of the seismic support will be relatively small, so the seismic support is also relatively saving in material selection, and is not prone to quality problems during use.  In addition, the toughness of seismic support is also very important. Some supports are prone to fracture during installation and use mainly because of low toughness. If the material ratio is good when making the support, or the composition proportion of the material is not appropriate, this time will affect the toughness of the support.  The better toughness of the bracket will not be destroyed even if it encounters external impact after installation, so users should pay attention to whether the toughness of the product is appropriate when buying the bracket.  

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