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Composite post insulator rod type high voltage post insulator for 110 KV line

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The composite insulator is a composite structure insulator composed of organic silicon rubber synthetic materials, which is mainly composed of hardware, umbrella skirt sheath, core rod, bonding layer and equalizing ring. The umbrella cover made of silicone rubber material is used to ensure the external insulation of the product, and the high-strength epoxy lead rod provides internal insulation of the product and bears the mechanical load. This kind of composite insulator is used to support and fix the bus bar and the live conductor. The specially designed umbrella skirt is used to increase the creepage distance, so that there is sufficient distance and insulation between the live conductor or between the conductor and the earth. It is in the transmission line It plays a major role in ensuring the use and operating life of the entire line. The company’s composite insulators adopt a new process of integral moulding of high-quality silicone rubber umbrella sleeves and integral crimping of core rods and hardware ends. It has superior mechanical properties, good pollution flashover resistance, excellent electrical corrosion resistance, and good aging resistance. High operating efficiency, light weight, and high reliability.

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