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1. Introduction to adjustable steel support:

The adjustable steel support (steel pillar) is composed of lower casing, upper intubation and adjustable device. The upper intubation is drilled with equally spaced bolt holes,

The upper part of the casing is provided with an adjustable wire sleeve, which can flexibly adjust various heights of the column, and the installation is convenient and fast, especially suitable for the formwork of residential buildings

Support system.

2. Structure and manufacturing process of adjustable steel support:

1. Material: Q235 steel pipe

2. The diameter of the lower casing is 60mm, the length of the threaded section at the top of the casing is 220mm, and the cold rolling process is adopted for thread processing.

3. The diameter of the upper intubation tube is 48mm, and a bolt hole with a diameter of a13mm (bolt diameter a12mm) is drilled on the rotating bed.

4. The adjusting nut is made of ball milled cast iron with high strength and toughness.

5. The steel bottom plate, steel top plate and pipe shall be welded by circular seam welding with two oxygen protection welding machine.

3、 Size of adjustable steel support:

The conventional dimensions of adjustable steel support are: 2m to 3.5m, 2.5m to 4m, 3m to 4.5m,

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