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Chemical anchor bolt is a high-strength anchor bolt with vinyl resin as the main raw material, which was called chemical drug bolt in the early stage. Chemical anchor bolt is a new type of anchor bolt after expansion anchor bolt. It is a composite part that uses special chemical adhesive to bond and fix the screw in the drilling hole of concrete substrate, so as to anchor the fixed parts.

Product features: 1. Chemical tube composition: vinyl resin, quartz particles, curing agent.

2. The glass tube is sealed and packaged to facilitate visual inspection of the tube agent quality, and the glass is used as fine aggregate after crushing.

3. Acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, fire prevention and low temperature sensitivity.

4. There is no expansion extrusion stress on the substrate, which is suitable for heavy load and various vibration loads.

5. The installation spacing and edge distance shall be small.

6. Quick installation and rapid curing without affecting the construction progress.

7. Wide construction temperature range.

Product advantages: 1. Strong anchoring force, similar to embedded;

2. No expansion stress and small edge spacing;

3. Quick installation, rapid solidification and saving construction time;

4. Glass tube packaging is conducive to visual inspection of tube agent quality;

5. The glass tube acts as fine aggregate after crushing and is fully bonded.

Application fields: 1. It is suitable for fixing heavy load on near edge and narrow components (columns, balconies, etc.).

2. It can be used in concrete (= > C25 concrete).

3. It can be anchored in pressure resistant natural stone (untested).

4. It is applicable to the following anchoring: reinforcement fixation, metal components, towing frame, machine base plate, road guardrail, formwork fixation, sound insulation wall foot fixation, road sign fixation, sleeper fixation, floor edge protection, heavy support beam, roof decoration components, windows, guard net, heavy electric ladder, floor support, construction support fixation, through transmission system, sleeper fixation Fixing of support and shelf system, anti-collision facilities, truck trailers, pillars, chimneys, heavy billboards, heavy sound insulation walls, fixing of heavy doors, fixing of complete sets of equipment, fixing of tower cranes, fixing and installation of pipes, fixing of heavy trailers, guide rails, connection of nail plates, fixing of heavy space division devices, shelves and sunshades.

5. Stainless steel A4 anchor bolt can be used in outdoor, humid space, industrial pollution area and offshore area.

6. Galvanized steel and stainless steel A4 are not suitable for humid spaces containing chlorine (such as indoor swimming pool, etc.).

7. It is suitable for fixing the base plate with small wheelbase and multiple anchor points.

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