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The 10th China Steel Raw Materials Market High-end Forum Held Online Leading Low-Carbon Green Development

On November 12, 2021, the “2021 (Tenth) High-end Forum on China’s Steel Raw Materials Market” with the theme of “Dual Carbon Goals Leading and Ensuring Resource Security” was successfully held online, which is an important part of the construction of the steel raw material industry under the background of “dual carbon”. The high-quality industrial chain supply chain, the realization of supply and price stability, and the scientific planning of strategic development have established a good communication platform.

This forum is sponsored by the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, and China Metallurgical Planning Network provides network support for this forum. Nearly 30 domestic and foreign media have paid extensive attention to and reported on this forum. Fan Tiejun, Dean of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, and Jiang Xiaodong, Vice President, presided over the morning and afternoon meetings respectively.

The China Steel Raw Material Market High-end Forum has been successfully held for nine sessions and has become the industry’s leading high-end dialogue platform. It has played a positive role in promoting the development, transformation, and improvement of my country’s steel upstream raw material industry, and has formed a good reputation in the industry.
Luo Tiejun, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, delivered a speech for this forum and congratulated the forum on behalf of China Iron and Steel Association. Vice President Luo Tiejun introduced the overall situation of my country’s steel industry operation and business operations this year, and based on the judgment of the internal and external development environment, policy orientation and industry direction, he put forward three suggestions on the follow-up development of my country’s steel industry: First, establish An effective market-oriented industry self-discipline mechanism effectively maintains market order. A new mechanism should be formed that not only has energy consumption and carbon emission policy constraints, but also has industry self-discipline and government supervision that effectively conforms to market laws and market requirements. The second is to accelerate the development of iron resources and enhance the ability to guarantee resources. Efforts should be made to expand the development of domestic mine resources, vigorously support the expansion and strengthening of the industrial chain of recycled steel material recovery and recycling, and accelerate the development of overseas equity mines. The third is to form a level playing field and promote structural optimization and high-quality development. The construction of high-energy-consumption and high-emission projects should be strictly restricted to form a competitive environment of “survival of the fittest and good money expelling bad money”, and promote strict control of total production capacity and optimization of industrial structure through carbon emissions, energy consumption indicators and ultra-low emissions, and promote the industry Green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

Niu Li, deputy director of the Economic Forecasting Department of the State Information Center, made a keynote report “Steady Economic Recovery Policy Moderate Return-Domestic and Foreign Macroeconomic Situation Analysis and Policy Interpretation”, from the perspective of the world economic environment in 2021, how my country’s macroeconomic development in 2021, There are four main problems in the current Chinese economy, and the prospects of the Chinese economy this year and next year. It predicts the current situation and future trends of the domestic and foreign economic development, and focuses on the analysis of the main factors affecting the price trend of industrial products and the imported price increase of industrial products. factor. Deputy Director Niu Li said that the current Chinese economy has sufficient resilience, huge potential and innovative vitality to effectively support the steady growth of the Chinese economy. In general, my country’s epidemic prevention and control will be normalized in 2021, macroeconomic policies will return to normalization, and economic operations will gradually become normalized. The characteristics of economic recovery growth and the differentiation of various fields are obvious, showing a “high in the front and low in the back” situation. Looking forward to 2022, my country’s economy will gradually tend to normal operation, and the economic growth rate will tend to the potential growth level.

In a report entitled “Analysis of Mineral Resources Planning and Mine Administration Trends”, Ju Jianhua, Director of the Department of Mineral Resources Protection and Supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources, introduced the preparation basis, main tasks and work progress of national and local mineral resources planning. , Analyzed the main problems existing in my country’s iron ore resources and the trend of mineral resource management. Director Ju Jianhua pointed out that the basic national conditions of my country’s mineral resources have not changed, their status and role in the overall national development situation have not changed, and the tightening of resource and environmental constraints has not changed. We should adhere to the principles of “bottom line thinking, consolidation of the country, market allocation, green development, and win-win cooperation”, strengthen the safety of important minerals, promote the coordination of resource development and ecological protection, and build a safe, green, and efficient resource guarantee system. He said that my country’s iron and steel industry supports important areas of economic and social development. In order to further strengthen the country’s and industry’s ability to guarantee iron ore resources, three aspects should be considered in the iron ore resource exploration and development planning layout: First, strengthen domestic resource exploration and strive to achieve Breakthrough in prospecting; the second is to optimize the development pattern of iron ore and stabilize the supply capacity of iron ore; the third is to optimize the structure of iron ore resource development and utilization.

Zhao Gongyi, Director of the Price Monitoring Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, in the report “Background and Significance of the Promulgation of my country’s Price Index Management Measures”, in-depth interpretation of the “Price Index Behavior Management Measures” promulgated by the National Development and Reform Commission this year (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures” “), pointed out that price reform is an important content and key link of economic system reform. The flexible, objective and true response of price signals is an important prerequisite for giving full play to the decisive role of the market, improving the efficiency of resource allocation, and stimulating market vitality. The compilation and release of high-quality price indices play an important role in regulating and leading the promotion of reasonable price formation and improving the sensitivity of price signals. Director Zhao Gongyi said that the issuance and implementation of the “Measures” reflects the price management system with Chinese characteristics, which is timely and necessary to deal with the current complex price situation of important commodities; it has not only brought my country’s price index into a new stage of compliance, but also It puts forward requirements and points out the direction for the price index, and creates a stage for the domestic and foreign price index market competition, which is of great significance to strengthening government price management and serving the real economy.

Yao Lei, a senior engineer at the Institute of Mining Market Research, International Mining Research Center, China Geological Survey, gave a wonderful report entitled “Analysis of Global Iron Ore Resources Situation and Suggestions for Iron Ore Resources Security”, which analyzed the new situation of global iron ore resources. From the current point of view, the global distribution of iron ore in the northern and southern hemispheres has a large endowment, and the supply and demand pattern is difficult to change in the short term; since the epidemic, both ends of the global iron ore, scrap and crude steel supply and demand have weakened; the global average scrap steel price and iron ore price during the epidemic The overall trend was “√” and then declined; iron ore giants still have an oligopoly on the global iron ore industry chain; iron ore and steel smelting capacity in overseas industrial parks is gradually increasing; the world’s three major iron ore suppliers use it for the first time RMB cross-border settlement. Regarding how to strengthen the protection of iron ore resources in my country, senior engineer Yao Lei suggested strengthening the comprehensive utilization of domestic scrap iron and steel resources, encouraging enterprises to “go global” together, and strengthening international capacity cooperation.
Jiang Shengcai, Secretary-General of China Association of Metallurgical and Mining Enterprises, Li Shubin, Director of Expert Committee of China Scrap Steel Application Association, Cui Pijiang, Chairman of China Coking Association, Shi Wanli, Secretary-General of China Ferroalloy Association, Secretary of Party Committee and Chief Engineer of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Li Xinchuang, from the subdivision of metallurgical mines, scrap steel, coking, ferroalloy, and iron and steel industries, focusing on the global iron ore supply and demand under the dual-carbon background and its impact on my country’s iron ore supply and demand, and analysis of the current situation and development trend of my country’s scrap iron and steel resources utilization , The coking industry responds to the dual-carbon goal to promote high-quality development of the industry, the dual-carbon goal promotes the upgrading of the ferroalloy industry, and the dual-carbon goal leads the construction of my country’s steel raw material supply guarantee system for wonderful sharing.

The wonderful speeches of the guests of this forum helped my country’s steel raw materials industry grasp new policy requirements, recognize new development situations, and guide enterprises in the industry to actively adapt to market changes, scientifically plan development strategies, and improve raw material security capabilities and risk management capabilities.

This forum focuses on hot topics such as macroeconomic and policy orientation, green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the steel raw material industry, coordinated and integrated development of the industrial chain, international mining cooperation, resource protection and other hot topics, through situation analysis, policy interpretation, strategic suggestions and other exciting content and rich It has attracted more than 13,600 people into the live broadcast room to watch the conference, participate in discussions, and interact with messages. Leaders and representatives of the majority of steel companies, mining companies, and steel raw material industry chain related companies, research institutions, financial institutions, and foreign-funded institutions participated online. Can.

Post time: Nov-14-2021