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Seven key tasks for energy work in 2022 are finalized! Speed ​​up the construction of a unified national power market system.

At the 2022 National Energy Work Conference, the National Energy Administration announced seven key tasks for energy work next year.
1. Make every effort to ensure energy security

——”The energy rice bowl must be in our own hands”

It is necessary to continue to play the role of coal “ballast”, effectively play the basic regulatory role of coal power, steadily improve the power safety and supply capacity, continue to increase the intensity of oil and gas exploration and development, and continuously improve the production, supply, storage and marketing system to ensure the safety and warmth of the people in the north Through the winter, strengthen the prediction and early warning of energy safety operation.

2. Accelerate the development of green and low-carbon energy

——”We must insist on first standing and then breaking, and overall planning”

Strengthen the guarantee of policies and measures, and promulgate the “Energy Sector Carbon Peak Implementation Plan”, “The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Modern Energy System”, “Opinions on Improving Energy Green and Low-Carbon Transition Systems, Mechanisms and Policies and Measures” as well as various sub-field plans.

Accelerate the implementation of renewable energy alternatives, promote the nearby development and consumption of wind power and photovoltaic in the southeast, central and southern regions, actively promote the development of offshore wind power clusters and the development of wind power and photovoltaic bases in the “Three Norths” area, and do a good job in the construction of desert, Gobi, and desert wind power photovoltaic bases , To start the implementation of “A Thousand Towns and Ten Thousand Villages Control Wind Action” and “Thousands of Households Muguang Action”. Actively and steadily develop hydropower, accelerate the construction of leading reservoir power stations in the southwest region, and approve the start of a number of major projects. Advance the development and utilization of biomass energy in an orderly manner.

Actively develop nuclear power in a safe and orderly manner. It is planned to build 4 units of Fuqing No. 6, Hongyanhe No. 6, Fangchenggang No. 3, and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration projects, with an additional installed capacity of 3.67 million kilowatts. Under the premise of ensuring safety, orderly advance the approved construction of nuclear power projects with reliable conditions.

Improve the power system regulation ability. Strengthen the construction of peak-shaving power stations such as pumped storage, promote the flexibility of coal power transformation, promote the development of new energy storage, and optimize the power grid dispatching operation mode. Optimize the layout of the national power grid. Guide the user side to participate in market-oriented demand side response, and promote the coordinated development of source, network, load and storage.

Continue to promote the rectification and reform of the central ecological and environmental protection inspection. To implement the management industry, we must manage environmental protection responsibilities. In contrast to the requirements of the central ecological and environmental protection inspection, we will learn from one another and establish a long-term mechanism for problem rectification.
3. Accelerate the promotion of energy technology innovation

——”The’Great Power Weapon’ must and can only be controlled by oneself”

Speed ​​up the advancement of technological and equipment research. Focus on promoting technological breakthroughs in key areas such as gas turbines, nuclear power, renewable energy, oil and gas, energy storage, and hydrogen energy, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in green and low-carbon cutting-edge technologies.

Vigorously carry out technological and industrial innovation. Efforts will be made to build a carbon neutral standard system for carbon peaks in the energy sector, and promote digital technology innovation. Accelerate the application of 5G and blockchain in the energy field, promote the large-scale market-oriented development of new energy storage, and explore new development models for hydrogen energy and integrated smart energy services.

4. Unswervingly deepen system and mechanism reforms

——”Improve the energy legal system and promote the construction of an effective competitive market system”

Speed ​​up the construction of a unified national electricity market system. Establish and improve the coordinated operation, integrated development, standardized and unified trading rules and technical standards of all levels of the electricity market, strengthen the overall connection of the medium and long-term market, the spot market and the auxiliary service market, promote the improvement of the electricity price transmission mechanism, and effectively balance the supply and demand of electricity.

Actively promote power market-oriented transactions. We will deepen mid- and long-term power transactions and continue to expand the scale of market transactions. Deepen the construction of the power spot market, and promote the transfer of qualified spot pilots into long-term operation. Actively promote the cost of auxiliary services to the user side, fully tap the flexible adjustment capabilities on both sides of supply and demand through the market mechanism, and promote the participation of new energy in market transactions in an orderly manner.

Solidly promote the reform of the oil and gas pipeline network. Support and guide the provincial pipeline network to integrate into the national pipeline network in a market-oriented manner, actively promote the construction and interconnection of oil and gas trunk pipelines, promote the separation of transportation and marketing of provincial pipeline network operators, and encourage users to independently select gas supply paths and gas supply sources.

Continue to deepen the reform of “delegating control, delegating control to service”. Promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and promote the full coverage of the reform of “separation of licenses and licenses” in the energy sector. Optimize enterprise-related services and break through blocking points to create a good environment for the development of new industries, new business models and new models such as distributed power generation nearby market-oriented transactions, microgrids, and integrated energy services.

Continue to promote the construction of energy law. Speed ​​up the formulation of the Energy Law, revise the Electricity Law, the Coal Law, and the Renewable Energy Law, and advance the formulation of oil reserve regulations.
5. Improving the efficiency of energy supervision

——”Fair supervision to ensure fair competition”

Optimize the electricity business environment. Continue to improve the service level of “Access to Electricity”, and effectively improve the satisfaction and sense of acquisition of electricity.

Strengthen market supervision in key areas. Deepen the supervision of power grids and oil and gas pipeline networks, increase the supervision of fair opening, operation scheduling, price costs, contract performance, power purchases from the grid, and unplanned outages of units, and strive to create a fair competitive market environment.

Strengthen power safety supervision. Establish a power safety indicator system, establish a safety audit work mechanism, pilot the construction of power safety production standardization and safety education and training systems, pay attention to the special supervision of team safety and new energy safety, and promulgate the “Power Reliability Management Measures (Interim).”

Strengthen the construction of the supervision system. Vigorously promote the “double random, one open” supervision model, promote the construction of a new credit-based supervision mechanism, and carry out credit supervision pilots. Strengthen the administrative law enforcement of energy supervision, set up the 12398 energy supervision hotline, unblock the Internet and other new channels for complaints and reports, and effectively increase the investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations.

6. ​​Comprehensively expand international energy cooperation

——”Steady increase of my influence on global energy governance”
Make overall plans for energy cooperation among major powers. Actively promote the construction and operation of the Sino-Russian Eastern Route Natural Gas Pipeline and the Sino-Russian Crude Oil Pipeline, and build the Tianwan and Xudabao nuclear power plants with high quality and high standards, and promote the creation of a closer Sino-Russian energy partnership. Implement the important consensus of the video meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States, and promote dialogue and exchanges between the two sides in the fields of energy security, natural gas and new energy. Continue to deepen China-EU energy pragmatic cooperation, relying on the existing dialogue mechanism and cooperation platform to promote policy exchanges and the implementation of demonstration projects of innovative cooperation between enterprises.

High-quality advancement of energy cooperation under the “Belt and Road” initiative. Deepen the interconnection of energy infrastructure, and continue to promote power interconnection with neighboring countries. Focus on key countries, key areas, and key projects, and continuously improve the level of cooperation. Steadily expand cooperation in clean energy such as wind power, photovoltaics, nuclear power, and natural gas.

carefully build an international cooperation platform. Taking the “Belt and Road” energy partnership and the International Energy Reform Forum as the carrier, actively promote the implementation of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Center, China-Arab League Energy Cooperation Sub-center, etc., deeply participate in the United Nations, G20, IEA, IRENA, BRICS, SCO and other multilateral mechanisms.

7. Make a solid progress in administering the party strictly in an all-round way

——”To do a good job in energy work, we must give full play to the political guidance and political guarantee of strict governance of the party.”

Fully understand the importance of strengthening the party’s comprehensive and strict governance, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, firmly grasp the implementation of various decisions and deployments, and strive to build the party stronger and stronger.

Post time: Jan-03-2022